The Healthcare & Nursing Education Foundation (HNEF) Community Healthcare Grants program provides direct financial assistance to qualified organizations dedicated to improving healthcare in the greater Houston community. Specifically, the grants program targets support for the care of individuals in under served areas of the community and/or under served populations, and for the creation of new models for the delivery of healthcare.

The Foundation application period for FY2022 is now closed.

Please check the website June 1, 2022 for information on submitting applications for the FY2023 grant cycle.



Grants Awarded

2021 Grants Awarded

Organization Grant Focus Amount
Center for Success and Independence The Trauma Education and Therapy program (44-bed facility) – To provide services to teen ages 12 to 17 with mental health and/or additive disorders.   Funds will be used to hire another Trauma Treatment Specialist. $50,000
Fort Bend Women’s Center Children’s Assessment and Services Program – To expand the education and identification/screening components of the program by using neuro-feedback. The funds will be used to increase the shelter nurse’s hours to fulltime. $50,000
Healthcare for the Homeless-Houston Reed Family Clinic Mental Healthcare – To provide mental health services to those who have faced chronic homelessness. The funds will be used to cover costs of salaries and benefits for behavioral health staff. $50,000
Montrose Center SafeZones Project: A Hatch Youth Program – Toward mental health support to adolescents struggling with issues surrounding sexuality and gender identity. Marjority of funding will be used for personnel costs. $50,000
Northwest Assistance Ministries Pediatric Health Center – An innovative integrated health care model which addresses both the mental and physical health of those served. The funds will be used for personnel costs and to pay for approximately 200 prescriptions. $50,000


2020 Grants Awarded

Organization Grant Focus Amount 
Bay Area Rehabilitation Center Autism Program – which includes conducting Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), aquatic classes, water safety instruction, and socialization classes to east Harris County high minority, low socio-economic residents aged 3 and up with autism. $50,000
Family Houston To expand Children’s Mental Health Counseling program by increasing time at 3 schools & one community site. $41,500
Montrose Center Safe Zones Project: A Hatch Youth Program, an in-school program aimed at acknowledging, affirming and extending mental health support to adolescents struggling with issues surrounding sexuality & gender parity. $50,000
re: Mind Depression and Bipolar Support Expansion of school peer-to-peer mental health support group program to include 5 new groups. These support groups will be facilitated, monitored, and evaluated by licensed mental health professionals. $50,000
The Harris Center Foundation for Mental Health and IDD Crisis Line and Partnership with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline $50,000


 2019 Grant Awarded


Grant Focus Amount
BakerRipley Toward an Urban Farm, a Community Food Program and Commit To Be Fit. These programs compliment the health screenings and education provided onsite by their partners, as well as exercise programs. $50,000
Chinese Community Center Program that includes physical exercise, nutrition education activities, and cooking classes for school-age children and informational workshops for parents. $50,000
El Centro Program providing nutritional meal planning and dietary guidance, workshops for participants and family members to learn about nutrition labels, food safety, and related topics. Children receive ongoing intervention, preventive screening, weight assessment and counseling for nutrition and physical activity. $50,000
Northwest Assistance Ministries Healthy Living program to address the needs of patients struggling with childhood obesity.  Current programming includes both the patient and at least one parent or guardian participating in a four week curriculum of healthy eating and exercise with case management services that include follow-up and referrals.  Classes are presented in both English and Spanish. $50,000
San Jose Clinic Program to prevent obesity, diabetes, and other related chronic illnesses. Two tracks are designed for patients: Diabetes Prevention Track, centered on healthy lifestyle habits and Diabetes Management Track, which focuses on monitoring HgbA1c, nutrition & exercise. $50,000


 2018 Grants Awarded

Organization Grant Focus Amount
Boys and Girls Club Comprehensive Triple Play Initiative, which nurtures the minds, bodies, and souls of club members. $40,000
El Centro de Corazon To improve obesity-related health outcomes of underserved children and adults by providing the medical care, health education, nutritional support, and weight management structure needed to prevent and mange obesity and related diseases such as Type 2 diabetes. $50,000
Healthcare for the Homeless Healthy & Whole Program, which utilizes case managers to connect with jail detainees who are mentally ill and homeless and connect them with essential healthcare and wrap around support services immediately upon release. $10,000
Texas Children’s Hospital On the Weigh Program, which uses experienced specialists from Texas Children’s Hospital to deliver a family-based group weight management program.  The team works with children and their parents to address the psychological and practical issues associated with childhood obesity. $50,000
Northwest Assistance Ministries Health Living Program, to help 4-18 year olds who are overweight make healthier food choices and increase physical activity in order to reach or maintain a healthy weight. $50,000