Our Mission

The Healthcare and Nursing Education Foundation (HNEF) supports the Greater Houston Metropolitan area’s healthcare resources by awarding scholarships to nursing students, and by providing high-impact program grants in health and human services-related fields.


The Healthcare & Nursing Education Foundation (HNEF) continues a 100-year history of supporting the care of individuals and the unaddressed healthcare needs of the greater Houston area. The current Foundation, which was created in 1994, is the direct successor to the original Houston Settlement Association founded in 1908 and the subsequent Visiting Nurse Association of Houston.

To achieve its mission to improve healthcare, particularly in the underserved areas of the community, the Foundation provides scholarships to nursing students and grants to nonprofit organizations to encourage the creation of new models in healthcare delivery. HNEF is proud to have furthered the education of more than 300 students as it directed the distribution of over $6 million in support of better healthcare for all people in the Houston area.


Applications for the Healthcare & Nursing Education Foundation nursing scholarships are accepted annually.  Please see our Scholarships page for information.